Based in New York City,
Labo Design Studio is an architecture concern by Raffaella Bortoluzzi.

Our work is inspired by a set of emotional alchemies made of unexpected choices and inventions.

Lighthearted NYC Townhouse

Complementing whimsical lighting are Bortoluzzi's unusual materials and artistic arrangements—including an interactive light installation triggered by people’s movements.

Light is a very important part of creating the feelings, the atmosphere of interior spaces.
— Raffaella Bortoluzzi

We made sure to realign each room’s ceilings so that our clients would have the same height throughout. I wanted to make the architectural spaces very clean so that the furniture and lighting would stand out.

Design elements like glossy metal shelves, appear throughout the house, including on window sills and walls. These recurrent elements anchor the playful feeling created by the furniture.

Check back soon for more about this special project. ❧

Concept-driven Gallery

Caribbean Woodland Villa